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Woman Charged With Hate Crime In New York Subway Death

A woman accused of pushing a man to his death in front of a subway train was charged Saturday with murder as a hate crime.

Police arrested Erica Menendez on Saturday after a passer-by on a street noticed she resembled the woman seen in a surveillance video.

Fiscal cliff deadline hangs heavy as Obama makes final plea to Congress

President Barack Obama made a final pitch to Congress to act on thefiscal cliff on Sunday, citing Republican intransigence as Senate leaders struggled to bash out a last-minute deal.

India gang-rape victim cremated as UN chief calls for action to protect women

The UN secretary general, Ban Ki-moon, has urged the Indian government to take action to protect women after a 23-year-old student died of injuries sustained during a gang rape in Delhi.

Syrian crisis ‘could kill 100,000 in next year’

The international envoy to Syria has warned that as many as 100,000 people could die in the next year if a way cannot be found quickly to end the country’s civil war.

Israeli-Arab politician who was on Gaza protest flotilla can stand for re-election

An Israeli-Arab politician who took part in a flotilla attempting to breach the blockade of Gaza in 2010 will be able to compete in the general election in three weeks after the supreme court unanimously overturned a ban on her candidacy.

Maine’s same-sex couples exchange vows as gay marriage law takes effect

The first gay and lesbian couples to wed under Maine‘s new same-sex marriage law exchanged vows early Saturday, in a series of modest but joyous civil ceremonies held shortly after midnight.

Michigan hospital blazes trail in fight against fungal meningitis

(Reuters) – After his first day working at St Joseph Mercy Ann Arbor hospital’s newly created Fungal Outbreak Clinic, Dr David Vandenberg struggled to describe to his boss the enormity of what lay ahead. He settled on a line from the movie Jaws.

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