This weekend we have reports on a conservative post-election cruise, the 2012 Presidential election, economic and educational inequality, essays on the best and worst policy changes of 2012, and the negative impacts of sentimentalizing public issues. (More)

national review - Cruise Ship Disaster Is Apparently Proof That Chivalry Is Dead

Blues Cruise – a reporter’s amusing and disturbing account of the National Review’s Post Election Cruise 2012, in which Ralph Reed, Jonah Goldberg, and 600 other conservatives discussed politics and policy on a cruise in the Caribbean.

The Story Behind Mitt Romney’s Loss in the Presidential Campaign to President Obama – The Boston Globe’s in-depth retrospective on the 2012 Presidential campaign and how Mitt Romney lost

Redistributing Up – an investigation of how corporate lobbying, outsourcing, and other policy changes has led the federal government to serve far too often as a creator of economic inequality.

For Poor, Leap to College Often Ends in a Hard Fall – how higher education is increasingly serving to preserve and increase class divisions rather than serving as the great equalizer.

The Best and Worst Policy of 2012 – The Century Foundation’s collection of essays highlighting the best and worst policy developments in health care, taxes, economics, national security, etc. in 2012.

Death by Treacle – an argument that the increasing public sentimentalization of private affairs is harming civil society and reducing our ability to thoughtfully deliberate over truly public issues.