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Westminster Abbey was consecrated today (1065). Also, Galileo Galilei saw Neptune and mistook it for a star (1612), construction began on Toronto’s Yonge Street, once the longest street in the world (1795), Vice President John Calhoun resigned (1832), South Australia and Adelaide were founded on the same day Spain recognized Mexico’s independence (1836), Iowa became our 29th state (1846), Midway Atoll became the first non-continental U.S. territory (1867), the Indian National Congress formed (1885), Auguste and Louis LumiΓ¨re offered the first cinema performance on the same day Wilhelm RΓΆntgen published a paper on what are now called x-rays (1895), Madison Square Garden hosted the first indoor professional American football game (1902), municipally-owned streetcars began running in San Francisco (1912), imprisoned Irish nationalist Constance Markievicz became the first woman elected to Britain’s House of Commons (1918), Maurice Richard became the first player to score 8 goals in an NHL game (1944), the Baltimore Colts defeated the New York Giants in the first ever sudden-death overtime to win the NFL Championship in “The Greatest Game Ever Played” (1958), Congress passed the Endangered Species Act (1973), and retail giant Montgomery Ward went out of business after 128 years (2000). And Arab Spring protests began in Algeria (2010).


The Professor of Astrology Janitor used his new self-buffing binoculars to research this week’s Bippiescopes….

Capricorn: Your sense of reality may be tested this weekend. Use a #2 pencil.

Aquarius: You may question your job this weekend. It probably won’t answer.

Pisces: Romance is in the air this weekend. Or it’s the holiday tree water.

Aries: You may ponder your life path this weekend. But you’re still on it.

Taurus: Com ni ati n wi l be im or ant this we end. Or something.

Gemini: Your thoughts may move quickly this weekend. Try to keep up.

Cancer: You may be misunderstood this weekend. Or they may be right again.

Leo: Don’t try to do everything this weekend. Just do their stuff.

Virgo: You may feel nurturing this weekend. The litter box needs it.

Libra: Reveal your feelings this weekend. Unless you feel that way.

Scorpio: Set aside old wounds this weekend. Focus on the new ones.

Sagittarius: Don’t run from your feelings this weekend. Do walk quickly.


Good morning! ::hugggggs::