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For Veterans, The Wait For Disability Claims Grows Longer

Kevin English served three tours as a Marine in Iraq. When he came home to Arizona, he suffered from vicious headaches and neck pain that made it hard to keep a job. The worst day, he says, was when he found he couldn’t lift a simple aluminum ladder.

Hospital Bids Bye-Bye To Big Macs, Others May Follow Suit

The McDonald’s at the Truman Medical Centers’ main campus in Kansas City, Mo., has closed, ending an epic, two-decade stint inside the hospital and making it the fifth health facility in the past few years to give the Big Mac the boot.

When It Comes To Politics, States Are Barely United

States in this country are becoming like an unhappy couple. They’ve always had their differences, but their arguments have gotten so chronic that they’re hardly talking to each other.

Senate Democratic leader warns U.S. going over “fiscal cliff”

(Reuters) – The top Democrat in the Senate warned on Thursday that the United States looks to be headed over the “fiscal cliff” of tax hikes and spending cuts that will start next week if squabbling politicians do not reach a deal.

US winter storms move towards north-eastern states

A powerful winter storm system pounded the American heartland before barrelling into the north-east, where residents faced high winds and heavy snow that disrupted holiday travel, knocked out power to thousands of homes and were blamed in at least six deaths.

EPA chief Lisa Jackson resigns after tenure marked by friction with GOP

The most prominent member of Barack Obama‘s environmental team announced she was stepping down on Thursday, after four years of running battles with industry and Republicans in Congress opposed to stricter pollution controls.

Putin hints he will sign bill banning adoption of Russian children in US

Vladimir Putin has indicated he is likely to sign into law a bill that bans Americans from adopting Russian children.

The bill was proposed in response to the US’s recent passing of a law that bans Russian officials implicated in the prison death of the lawyer Sergei Magnitsky from travelling to or keeping money in the US.

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