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Obama: ‘We can’t tolerate this anymore, these tragedies must end’

Barack Obama delivered the most impassioned speech of his presidency on Sunday night, addressing the grieving families of NewtownConnecticut with words of comfort while delivering a clarion call to the nation that enough was enough and that the “carnage” of mass shootings must end.

Syrian jet fires rocket at Palestinian refugee camp in Damascus

A bomb dropped by a Syrian air force jet killed and wounded scores of Palestinians on Sunday in the largest refugee camp in Damascus, sending thousands of residents fleeing for other areas of the capital now besieged by civil war.

Malaria gains at risk, warns World Health Organization

The remarkable gains made in the treatment of malaria over the past decade are under threat because of insufficient increases in funding over the past two years, according to an annual progress report by the World Health Organisation.

U.N. Internet Conference Ends Divided As U.S. And Allies Refuse Agreements

A contentious and controversial United Nations telecom summit, the World Conference on International Telecommunications 2012 (WCIT-12), which took place in Dubai over the past two weeks, concluded on Thursday evening with anew series of agreements on the Internet, signed by 89 nations, but which the U.S. and some 54 other countries declined to sign (refused or deferred to consult with their governments, according to DotNxt).

Alabama Suit Cites FBI Tapes As Proof Of Lawmaker Racism

A group of Alabama voters alleged in a federal lawsuit filed on Wednesday that a redistricting plan for the state House and Senate discriminated against minority voters and was passed with racist intentions.

The 3 Possible Outcomes In SCOTUS Gay Marriage Case

In a major case next spring, the Supreme Court will consider whether it’s constitutional for the federal government to refuse to recognize same sex marriage, as multiple lower courts have decreed.

Doctors Argue Against Proposed Ban On Vaccine Preservative

An old complaint about the safety of childhood vaccines is finding new life at the United Nations.

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