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Hillary Clinton recovering at home following concussion caused by fall

The US secretary of state, Hillary Clinton, is recovering at home after suffering concussion in a fall brought on by illness, her spokesman said on Saturday.

Tensions rise as Egyptians vote on new constitution

Egyptians lined up in their thousands on Saturday to vote on a controversial new constitution that has pitted the government and its Islamist supporters against liberal and secular opponents in a bitter struggle over the way ahead for the Arab world’s biggest country after the 2011 revolution.

Syrian government forces shell rebel positions around Damascus

Syrian warplanes bombed rebel-controlled suburbs east of Damascus on Saturday as the Syrian army fired rockets and shells at towns around the capital.

Sara Reedy, the rape victim accused of lying and jailed by US police, wins $1.5m payout

Sara Reedy remembers clearly the start of her ordeal, and how surprisingly painful it was to have a gun jammed to her temple. Then her attacker demanded oral sex, saying he would shoot her if she refused. She was shaking, gagging.

Texas among several states set to hand healthcare powers to Washington

As a crucial deadline arrives under the Affordable Care Act – the health insurance reforms nicknamed Obamacare – the intense opposition mounted by Republicans has had a perverse effect: the creation of a mammoth national health programme run by the federal government.

Latest eurozone summit ends in stalemate

European leaders wound up their final summit of 2012 on Friday in much the same manner as they started the year – kicking the euro crisis can down the road, playing for time, crossing their fingers, hoping the worst is behind them.

Francois Hollande under fire as gay marriage bill divides France

David Cameron is not the only European leader to be unsettled by the gay marriage debate. The French president, François Hollande, is under fire for his proposals to legalise gay marriage, as street demonstrations illustrate the deep divisions in society. Religious groups and the right have led thousands in protest rallies, while equality campaigners and several leftwing MPs have warned that the law will be shamefully inadequate in not allowing equal gay parenting rights or medically assisted procreation.

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