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Senate Republicans Block Ratification Of U.N. Treaty On Rights For The Disabled, Citing Impact On Home-Schoolers

The Senate Tuesday fell short of the two-thirds vote required to ratify a United Nations treaty aimed at securing rights for disabled people around the world, when the vast majority of Republican senators voted against the treaty. The final vote was 61-38 vote. All the nay votes were Republican.

Nancy Pelosi’s Key Role In Budget Negotiations

Most news accounts of budget negotiations between the White House and Congress focus on two men: President Obama and House Speaker John Boehner. The man who ran on a platform of “balanced” deficit reduction, and the man who represents the party that refuses to increase taxes on high earners.

NASA Voyager 1 Hits New Region At Solar System’s End

We knew this day would come: NASA’s Voyager 1 spacecraft, launched in 1977, today still traveling away from Earth at a rate of 35,700 miles-per-hour, has entered into a new region of space at the end of the solar system, NASA announced on Monday.

NATO Approves Turkey’s Request For Patriot Defense Missiles

NATO has announced that it will deploy Patriot defense missiles that Turkey had requested to protect itself against attacks from Syria that have so far killed five Turks.

Egyptian security forces clash with anti-Mohamed Morsi protesters

Egyptian security forces have clashed with opponents of Mohamed Morsi who gathered outside the presidential palace in Cairo to protest against his assumption of new powers.

Defection or escape? Syria’s foreign ministry spokesman ‘on way to US’

The former Syrian foreign ministry spokesman, Jihad Makdissi, is on his way to the United States after apparently defecting, the Guardian has learned.

Obama urged by environmental groups to take on climate change in next term

Campaigners handed Barack Obama a climate change to-do list for his second term on Tuesday, in an attempt to push the White House to live up to its environmental promises.

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