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Charlemagne arrived in Rome to investigate allegations against Pope Leo III today (800). Also, Korean King Yi Seong-gye moved the capital from Kaesŏng to Hanyang, now known as Seoul (1394), the Pueblo de San José de Guadalupe, now the city of San Jose, was founded (1777), the crew of the British slave ship Zong murdered 133 Africans by throwing them into the sea (1781), the Punctation of Olmütz transferred the German Confederation from Prussia to the Austrian Empire (1850), Thomas Edison demonstrated his phonograph (1877), Japan’s Meiji Constitution took effect and the first Diet convened (1890), the Ziqiang Institute, now known as Wuhan University, was founded (1893), the Pittsburgh Stars defeated the Philadelphia Athletics 11-0 in the first professional American football championship (1902), Richard Byrd flew over the South Pole (1929), Alfred Blalock and Vivien Thomas performed the first human surgery to correct blue baby syndrome (1944), the All Indonesia Centre of Labour Organizations was founded (1946), the United Nations recommended the partition of Palestine (1947), President-elect Dwight Eisenhower traveled to Korea to fulfill his campaign promise (1952), President Lyndon Johnson appointed the Warren Commission to investigate the assassination of President John Kennedy (1963), the Canadian Space Agency launched the satellite Alouette 2 (1965), Atari announced the release of the video game Pong (1972), the UN General Assembly passed a resolution calling for the Soviet Union to withdraw from Afghanistan (1983), and the UN Security Council passed Resolution 678 authorizing member states to employ “all necessary means” if Iraq did not withdraw from Kuwait by the upcoming January 15 (1990). And Philippine Sen. Antonio Trillanes launched the Manila Peninsula Hotel Rebellion on the same day a magnitude 7.4 earthquake struck Martinique (2007).


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