For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on bad working conditions in warehouses, climate change, teachers’ unions, security at American embassies, the budget debate, and how war preys on the poor. (More)

I Was a Warehouse Wage Slave – a reporter goes undercover to take a job at a warehouse for an online shipping company and reports back about the low wages and poor working conditions.

Turn Down the Heat – the World Bank’s latest report on climate changes paints a disturbing picture of the devastating impacts of a 4 degree Celsius increase in global temperatures which, unfortunately, is what we are on track to cause if we don’t take serious action soon to curb climate change

Teachers Unions: Scourge of the Nation? – an evaluation finding that the prevalence of teachers unions is positively correlated with higher and more equitable funding of public education but, contrary to the claims of union opponents, is not correlated with lower educational performance

Can America Diplomacy Ever Come Out of Its Bunker? – an essay examining the impacts of ever heightened security at American embassies, which will almost certainly only escalate after the killing of Christopher Stevens in Benghazi, on the ability of American diplomats to do their job of building relationships with the people of other countries

Understanding the Budget Debate – three reports from the Center on Budget and Policy Priorities on deficits, discretionary spending, Simpson-Bowles, and other issues relevant to the debate over the austerity bomb

War Is Betrayal: Persistent Myths of Combat – a powerful essay arguing that war is about “elites preying on the weak, the gullible, the marginal, and the poor.” For responses from some veterans and others, click here.