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Henry I’s son William Adelin was among those drowned when the White Ship sank in the English Channel today (1120). Also, winds in southern England gusted up to 120mph during the Great Storm (1703), an estimated 35,000 people died as an earthquake rocked Beirut and Damascus (1759), the last British troops left New York City (1783), an undersea earthquake off Sumatra triggered a tsunami along the coast of Indonesia (1833), a cyclone struck the Indian city of Coringa with a 40-foot storm surge, killing an estimated 300,000 people (1839), Midwestern farmers reacted to a financial crisis and the rise of monopolies by forming the Greenback Party (1874), 27 tornadoes struck the Midwest on Thanksgiving Day in the deadliest outbreak in U.S. history (1926), movie studios blacklisted the “Hollywood Ten” on the same day New Zealand ratified the Statute of Westminster to gain political independence within the British Commonwealth (1947), Agatha Christie’s play The Mousetrap opened in London (1952), the Miribal sisters were assassinated in the Dominican Republic (1960), President John Kennedy was buried at Arlington National Cemetery (1963), Suriname gained independence (1975), Attorney General Edwin Meese announced that profits from covert arms sales to Iran were used to finance the Nicaraguan Contras in violation of U.S. law (1986), and the United Nations established the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women to commemorate the deaths of the Miribal sisters (1999). And the parade of natural disasters continued with an earthquake in Baku, Azerbaijan (2000), Cyclone Nisha striking Sri Lanka (2008), and rain-driven floods swamping Jeddah, Saudi Arabia during the Hajj (2009).


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