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Tens of thousands of Egyptians headed to the atrium of the Sphinx Mall to ask the information desk what holiday they were shopping for, today (1219 BCE*). Also, John Milton published his Areopagitica decrying censorship (1644), fugitive former Tammany Hall leader William “Boss” Tweed was returned New York City after his capture in Spain (1876), the first jukebox began operation in San Francisco’s Palais Royale Saloon (1889), Life was reborn as a photo magazine (1936), the BBC broadcast the first episode of Doctor Who (1963), representatives of the People’s Republic of China were seated at the United Nations (1970), President Ronald Reagan signed a secret directive authorizing the CIA to recruit Contra rebels in Nicaragua, defying an act of Congress (1981), the first Smartphone, IBM Simon, was introduced (1992), Rachel Whiteread won both the Turner Prize for best British modern artist and the K Street Prize for worst artist of the year (1993), 28 nations signed the Convention on Cybercrime (2001), and Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was elected President of Nigeria, the first female leader of an African nation (2005). And after 11 months of protests, Yemeni president Ali Abdullah Saleh agreed to transfer power to his vice president in exchange for legal immunity (2011).

(* The historicity of this event is in question as only one internet source documents its occurrence.)


The Janitor Professor of Astrology did his holiday shopping earlier this week while preparing the Bippiescopes….

Sagittarius: Avoid distractions this weekend. Wear blinders at the mall.

Capricorn: You may face a dilemma this weekend. Go with the green one.

Aquarius: Avoid rash decisions this weekend. Plan your impulse purchases.

Pisces: Noise and chaos may distract you this weekend. In the parking lot.

Aries: Others may reach out to you this weekend. They want that Wii U.

Taurus: The Moon is in your House of Secrets this weekend. Try the attic.

Gemini: Cleverness is your friend this weekend. That LED Santa tie isn’t.

Cancer: Don’t resist change this weekend. Do count it.

Leo: This weekend may test your courage. Guessing sizes is like that.

Virgo: Trust your hunches this weekend. They want slipper socks this year.

Libra: Stick to your plan this weekend. Some store, somewhere, has one left.

Scorpio: You may sense dΓ©jΓ  vu this weekend. You can return the other one.


Good morning! ::hugggggs::