For all the talk about the Obama campaign’s data mining, I’m not too worried. The folks who send me junk email offerings are apparently practicing data fracking. I am so not their target. (More)

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I am a 65 year old divorced female, college educated and retired. I am a progressive Democratic activist. I drive a nine year old Saturn. For more than that you will have to go mine my data on your own.

My junk emails include at least three daily solicitations for Viagra or a similar product. My first name isn’t even slightly androgynous. Data mining or data fracking?

I regularly receive offers to continue my education and get my college degree. I received mine in 1968. Data mining or data fracking?

I receive numerous offers to make contact with hot young singles with both sexes and a variety of races offered. I am too old to be a cougar and not interested anyway. Data mining or data fracking?

I receive weekly offers to begin an exciting career in, take your pick: nursing, truck driving, green energy, real estate, being a broker, and more. If I wanted another career, I don’t think that having been in Human Resources I’d be plucking the next one out of my junk mail. Data mining or data fracking?

Once I was even invited to redeem my lottery winnings with help from some African embassy. Definitely data fracking.

Morning Feature at BPI Campus covered data mining as explained in The Victory Lab: The Secret Science of Winning Campaigns by Sasha Issenberg.

What’s more, the geeks claimed they could predict which voters were persuadable, and by what messages, including many voters the gurus would never have even considered. Their regression analyses showed that a 26-year-old single woman with a college degree who mentors high school students … has more in common with a 33-year-old college-educated single woman who donates to the ACLU and lives in a reliably Democratic precinct … than she does with the other, mostly older women in the Republican base precinct where she lives with her parents.

Fracking or hydaulic fracturing is process where mining companies drill holes and inject unknown toxic chemicals into the ground to force gas up through the cracks and as a side effect pollute the ground water to the point that it can sometimes be lit at the faucet with a lighter.

Data fracking is the process of randomly sending emails in the hope that some poor sucker will fall for whatever it is that the sender is hoping will fully fund his or her lavish lifestyle. There is no link for data fracking because we just made it up. It is like obscenity though, you’ll know it when you see it.