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This week I attended my county Democratic Executive Committee meeting, where we celebrated our party’s 2012 victories. As Vice Chair, I thanked our members for their hard work and described how their efforts contributed to victories for President Obama, Senator Bill Nelson, and other Democratic candidates in Florida. If you ever get the chance to dance in a conga line with other Democrats, led by President Obama, don’t miss it. He’s an amazing dancer, even as a life-sized cardboard poster….

I also completed the survey that OFA are circulating to all campaign workers. Please don’t skip this survey. It’s your chance to give them feedback on what parts of the campaign organization you found most helpful, and to identify the issues you’d like OFA to focus on in the coming months and years. I asked them to commit their data, methods, and enthusiasm helping elect more Democrats in state and local races, so more hardworking Americans can benefit from effective, progressive government at all levels.