I have been guilty of being a glowing and sometimes gloating winner. Glowing may be okay but I’m working on curbing the gloating. Gloating won’t serve the spirit of compromise and coexistence that will move the country forward.(More)

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That spirit of coexistence doesn’t just have to happen in Washington. I still live in a world filled with Freds. There will be more elections. Right now I should be building bridges for the next election. Some active listening would be a better strategy than saying, “Nah, nah, nah, nah nah.”

It is hard for me to not head to my corner when the House Republicans are claiming a mandate. Really? Really? Speaker Boehner is still caught between the task of governing/compromising and the remnants of the Tea Party and the War on Women that defined the Republicans all fall. No wonder he is often shedding tears.

I know how to speak out from my corner. I can catch most every inconsistency and nuance. I notice that after 9/11 and the Iraq War the Republicans shut down any kind of inquiry but Benghazi has them salivating. I notice that many Republican Presidential contenders for 2016 are busy telling us why they are “not Mitt” but fail to mention how supportive they were of him until he lost. I see articles where Sarah Palin is thinking that we need a third party. I need to let them sort it out amongst themselves.

I need to practice being gentle in victory. I can still be firm in my principles. The same active listening that persuaded voters is still the best approach I have. I tell myself that the losers have their tasks and that the winners cannot stop just because we won. Winning is a fragile thing. Nurturing all the relationships and progress we’ve made is a most important task.

I do need to bite my tongue sometimes though. The thoughts that I might express if my filter slipped are not gentle or kind or even very productive. I never thought winning would feel so good. I just don’t want winning to make me mean.