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Obama’s Approval Rating, Popularity Spike After Election

There may not be a consensus yet on how much political capital President Obama picked up in his re-election, but a number of post-election polls suggest his victory did wonders for his public standing.

Hubble Pinpoints Most Ancient, Distant Galaxy Yet Observed – 13.3 Billion Light-Years Away

The most ancient and distant galaxy yet observed — the light from which traveled 13.3 billion years to reach Earth — has been pinpointed by scientists taking an unprecedentedly deep look through the Hubble Space Telescope, NASA announced on Thursday.

Fox News Chief On Karl Rove’s Election-Night Meltdown: He Was Wrong, We Were Right

Fox News chief Roger Ailes on Thursday explained what happened behind the scenes during the network’s election-night snafu with Karl Rove, who criticized Fox for allegedly calling Ohio prematurely for President Obama. After Ailes saw the scene, he called executive vice president of news Michael Clemente and instructed him to have anchor Megyn Kelly confront the network’s decision desk. Ailes urged Clemente to stay on the story and not break for commercial.

David Petraeus testimony fails to satisfy Republicans over Benghazi attack

David Petraeus, the scandal-hit former CIA chief, faced a Congressional grilling on Friday over conflicting accounts of the attack in September on the US consulate in Benghazi.

Iran steps up pace and capacity of uranium enrichment, says IAEA report

Iran has expanded its enrichment capacity and is enriching uranium at a pace that would bring it to what Israel has declared an unacceptable red line in just over seven months, according to a report by the UN nuclear watchdog.

Hostess to close after failing to reach agreement with striking workers

Hostess Brands, the bankrupt maker of Twinkies and Wonder Bread, has sought court permission to close its business after failing to reach agreement with thousands of striking bakery workers.

Gaza rockets leave Tel Aviv unfazed

Sirens wailed in Tel Aviv on Friday as the second explosion in 24 hours was heard in the city, but residents said they would not be cowed by the threat of a strike from Gaza.

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