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Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reaching Upper Atmosphere, Canadian Space Satellite Finds

Not only is the Earth warming at the high-end of predicted models, but now human produced carbon dioxide emissions are accumulating in greater amounts in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, according to the results of a new study of data captured by a Canadian satellite.

Climate Change Study: It’s The Heat And The Humidity

A new study of climate change software finds that those models which are most accurate in accounting for humidity also project higher temperature increases, up to above 7 degrees fahrenheit by the end of the 21st century.

The results of the study of 16 different leading climate models, published online Friday on the website of the journal Science, was performed by two scientists at the U.S. National Center for Atmospheric Research (NCAR), a collaborative, multi-institution climate research initiative that was launched out of the National Science Foundation 1960.

What Countries Are Doing To Tackle Climate Change

While nations wrangle over a new global treaty on climate change, the question on many minds is: What happens next?

Key portions of the Kyoto Protocol are set to expire at the end of 2012. But many of the world’s major greenhouse gas emitters have already set national targets to reduce emissions, and they’re forging their own initiatives to meet those goals.

Calif. To Begin Rationing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

California begins a controversial experiment to curb climate change on Wednesday: The state will start rationing the amount of greenhouse gases companies can emit.

It’s the most ambitious effort to control climate change in the country. Some say the plan will cost dearly; supporters say it’s the route to a cleaner economy.

University of Missouri-Kansas City Food Recovery Program Highlighted by EPA Region 7 as Nation Observes America Recycles Day, Nov. 15

(Lenexa, Kan., Nov. 13, 2012) – EPA Regional Administrator Karl Brooks will join University of Missouri-Kansas City (UMKC) officials on Thursday, Nov. 15 – America Recycles Day – to highlight the university’s participation in EPA’s Food Recovery Challenge.

The Food Recovery Challenge encourages organizations to find better alternatives to throwing food away. The challenge aims to assist organizations sustainably manage food waste through source reduction, donation and composting. It helps organizations learn to practice leaner purchasing and divert surplus food away from landfills to hunger-relief organizations and onto the tables of those in need in the community. It also diverts food scraps, suitable for composting or animal consumption, to composting or animal feed.

Third and Most Successful Season of Hudson River Dredging Ends Today; More Than 1.3 Million Cubic Yards of PCB-Contaminated Sediment Removed Since 2009 Dredging Start

(Fort Edward, NY) The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency today announced that as the third season of dredging draws to a close later this week, a total of more than 1.3 million cubic yards of sediment contaminated with PCBs will have been removed from the Hudson River. Since dredging began on May 9, 2012, about 650,000 cubic yards of sediment were dredged from a three-mile section of the river south of the village of Fort Edward, New York, exceeding the season goal of dredging 350,000 cubic yards. With the third season of dredging nearly complete, the EPA is almost half way toward its goal of removing 2.65 million cubic yards of contaminated sediment from a 40-mile stretch of the upper Hudson River. The dredging project also created 500 jobs and additional economic benefits for the area.

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