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Pelosi Announces Run For House Minority Leader

In a private meeting with fellow Democrats, including newly elected members of the House, Nancy Pelosi announced to a round of applause and chants of “two more years” that she will remain the party’s minority leader.

Judge Slaps Husted’s Last-Minute Ballot Change In Ohio

Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted’s last-minute change to how provisional ballots were handled violated the Constitution and Ohio election law, a federal judge ruled Tuesday.

The Rise Of The Anti-Secession Petitions

Thousands of petitioners are demanding the White House let them secede from America. Thousands more are petitioning the White House to just kick them out already and be done with it.

Obama: ‘I Didn’t Get Re-Elected Just To Bask In Re-Election’

Eight days after his re-election — with the fiscal cliff looming, questions being raised about the deadly attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, and a scandal having forced the director of the CIA to resign — President Obama today told reporters “I didn’t re-elected just to bask in re-election. I got re-elected to do work.”

Israel Aims Airstrikes At Hamas Targets In Gaza

Israeli forces struck hard at targets in the Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip today, with multiple airstrikes. Among those killed, according to both Hamas and Israeli officials, was the commander of Hamas’ military wing.

Meningitis outbreak: director at center of health scandal refuses to testify

The director of the pharmacy at the centre of a health scandal that has killed 32 people refused to answer questions from a congressional committee on Wednesday.

Europe unites in austerity protests against cuts and job losses

Hundreds of thousands of Europeans mounted one of the biggest coordinated anti-austerity protests across the continent on Wednesday, marching against German-orchestrated cuts as the eurozone is poised to move back into recession.

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