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Arizona Still Counting Ballots Nearly A Week After Election

Hundreds of thousands of ballots have yet to be counted in Arizona nearly a week after Election Day, a majority of which appeared to come from Maricopa County.

The 5 GOP Senators Most Likely To Work With Democrats

Senate Democrats will enter the new year with an expanded majority of 55-45, having gained two seats in the election. They may be emboldened, but Republicans will retain the ability to slow down or halt their agenda with the use of the filibuster, which requires 41 senators.

Carbon Dioxide Emissions Reaching Upper Atmosphere, Canadian Space Satellite Finds

Not only is the Earth warming at the high-end of predicted models, but now human produced carbon dioxide emissions are accumulating in greater amounts in the upper reaches of the atmosphere, according to the results of a new study of data captured by a Canadian satellite.

Top US general John Allen investigated in Petraeus affair

The scandal involving former CIA director David Petraeus has deepened following allegations that another top US military commander, General John Allen, had sent thousands of “inappropriate” emails to a woman linked to Petraeus.

Google report reveals sharp increase in government requests for users’ data

Government surveillance of citizens’ online lives is rising sharply around the world, according to Google’s latest report on requests to remove content and hand over user data to official agencies.

Italy floods prompt fears for future of farming

The floods that have devastated Italy over the past week could become even more severe in the future, threatening food production and destroying the country’s natural beauty, experts warn.

Japan’s Tepco sees no quick re-start for biggest nuclear plant

(Reuters) – Tokyo Electric Power Co sees no imminent resumption of operations at the world’s biggest nuclear plant, shut down after last year’s Fukushima disaster, further raising its costs as it spends more on fossil fuels to generate electricity.

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