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President Obama Asks America To Put Bitter Campaign Behind Them

CHICAGO, IL — President Obama celebrated his re-election with a call for unity, asking voters of all parties to focus on the bonds that bring them together as Americans in light of a bitter and divisive campaign.

Obama back at the wheel as US economy heads for a fiscal cliff

Politics in the US is about to go from knife-edge to cliff-edge. The closely fought battle for the White House is over but the battle to prevent the US economy nosediving back into recession is about to begin.

New Hampshire elects female governor with a little help from Emily’s List

New Hampshire has become the first US state to send an all-female delegation to Washington after a remarkable evening for women in politics.

Tammy Baldwin wins in Wisconsin as voters elect first openly gay senator

Voters in Wisconsin broke through one of the last barriers in public life on Tuesday to elect the first openly gay member of the US Senate.

Nor’easter to bring high winds and cold rain to New York and New Jersey

Storm-weary residents in New York and New Jersey were braced Wednesday for further misery, as a nor’easter bore down on the region threatening high winds, rain and sleet.

Republican Response Not Likely To Be Tactical Not Transformative

With President Obama’s defeat of Mitt Romney, the Republican Party finds itself in the same place it was four years ago — once again coming up short in its attempt to win the most powerful office in American democracy.

Election 2012: Liberal Schadenfreude Hits Impossible Heights

President Obama winning would have satisfied most Democrats, winning decisively in the Electoral College was a bonus. And it only got better for progressives from there as an array of victories, big and small, tangible and symbolic, trickled down in elections and ballot measures around the country.

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