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This week I made “chase” calls for my local Democratic Party. This is when we call Democrats who requested vote-by-mail ballots but have not yet returned them. We remind our voters that ballots must be received at our county’s Supervisor of Elections office no later than 7pm on November 6th, regardless of the postmark. If they have any concerns about mail delivery, or didn’t want to spend the 65 cents for postage, they can drop off their ballots at any of the SOE’s three offices, which remain open on election day until 7pm.

Note: Precinct polling stations in Florida do not accept vote-by-mail ballots. Voters who requested vote-by-mail ballots but decide to vote at their precincts on election day should bring their vote-by-mail ballots to the precinct station, to prove they have not already voted by mail. The poll workers give the voter a precinct ballot and destroy the unused vote-by-mail ballot. If a voter has lost his/her vote-by-mail ballot, the poll workers will give him/her a provisional ballot, to be counted once the SOE verifies that no vote-by-mail ballot from that voter was received.

I also staffed my local Democratic Party campaign office on Wednesday afternoon. We had only a handful of Obama yard signs left by the end of the day, and I’m sure those were gone the following day. We had volunteers in during the day making “chase” calls, and I answered calls from voters who needed information. I’ll be staffing our campaign office all day tomorrow, to coordinate rides for voters who need them.

Then I’ll come home to live-blog the election returns in Evening Focus, starting at 7pm ET. The polling looks positive, and I hope that by 11pm tomorrow we’ll know that President Obama has been reelected, that Democrats retained the U.S. Senate, and the approximate makeup of the next U.S. House.