Stealing yard signs.  How low can folks go?(More)

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I’ve got a bit of a problem with some people around here.  They are stealing Obama yard signs from everywhere they appear, from people’s yards, from locations near polling places.  One woman complained that she’d had four of them stolen and was disappointed to learn that our campaign office had none left.  Another was furious because there ought to be Obama signs at the polling places with all the other candidates’ signs.

Well, they used to be there.  They were stolen the very first day of Early Voting.

Apart from the illegality of stealing property from your neighbors’ yards, apart from the illegality of stealing someone’s campaign materials, this leaves me with a burning question:

Do you think a yard sign persuades anyone?  Or that stealing one is going to erase the candidate from the ballot?

Yard signs help in down-ticket races, making names familiar to voters.  But they don’t help in the presidential campaign because everyone knows the names of the candidates.  Do you think that by stealing signs you can persuade people to vote a particular candidate because the other guy “has no obvious local support?”

I can tell you for a fact that that doesn’t work.  In 2008, there were only Republican signs in my area.  Never saw any others.  And yet my area voted heavily for Obama.  So much for the yard signs.

What this comes down to is inhibiting people’s exercise of free speech.  It also comes down to the fact that you don’t think you can win legitimately.  You have to indulge in dirty tricks.  So to make your candidate look stronger, you trample all over the First Amendment.

I’ve got news for you: While you’re busy being un-American about free speech, all you do is convince me you’d be bad for the country.  You and your candidate both.