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Lessons From Katrina Boost FEMA’s Sandy Response

The Federal Emergency Management Agency, or FEMA, has received good grades from politicians and even some survivors of the storm. In part, that’s due to lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina seven years ago.

Power returns to lower Manhattan, but many waiting

(Reuters) – The lower Manhattan skyline lit up early Saturday morning for the first time since superstorm Sandy slammed into the U.S. Northeast while thousands of storm victims in New Jersey and elsewhere remained in the dark and awaiting disaster relief.

Sandy: US government races to ease fuel shortages

The US government is scrambling to ease fuel shortages paralysing the north-east in the wake of superstorm Sandy, saying the military will buy motor fuel and truck it there and allow foreign tankers from the Gulf of Mexico to deliver petroleum products.

New York City cancels marathon amid controversy over Sandy recovery

Mayor Michael Bloomberg bowed to intense pressure on Friday over this weekend’s New York marathon, cancelling the race which would have taken place against the backdrop of the destruction caused by super storm Sandy.

Barack Obama holds edge as campaign hits frenetic final stretch

Barack Obama goes into the final hectic weekend of campaigning as favourite, holding a slight edge over Mitt Romney in the polls and buoyed by better than expected job figures.

‘Educational’ Website For Unmanned Systems Launched

Drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs), are most often associated with targeted killings of U.S. terror suspects in the Middle EastAfrica and Asia, or concerning civilian casualties and the resulting outcry and condemnation of drone usage.

Mars Curiosity Rover Detects No Methane On Red Planet, Takes Stunning Self-Portrait

NASA’s Mars Curiosity Rover has been busy at work on the Red Planet, undertaking the first major analysis of Martian soil and the planet’s ultra-thin atmosphere. But it’s also had time to take some photos of the journey, specifically a new high-res, full-color self-portrait using the Mars Hand Lens Imager (MAHLI) camera on the end of its 7-foot-long robotic arm.

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