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Sandy Underscores Debate Over Government’s Role

President Obama offered thoughts and prayers Tuesday for all those who have been affected by Sandy. He also offered something more tangible: the full resources of the federal government.

Behind A Halloween Mask, Even ‘Good’ Kids Can Turn Into Candy Thieves

Vampires and monsters will be out in force tonight on Halloween, but some of the darkest creatures out there might be your little angels inside those costumes.

Detroit, FEMA, Sequestration: How Old News Came To Dominate The Election

As important as forward-looking policy differences between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney have been in the presidential campaign thus far — think Medicare and taxes — more immediate issues, and questions of hindsight, are dominating the election’s final days.

Obama travels to New Jersey as millions begin Sandy recovery effort

President Obama is to tour the beleaguered state of New Jersey on Wednesday, as large swathes of the US east coast attempt to recover from the worst affects of floods, fires and power outages whipped up by superstorm Sandy.

Disney to buy Star Wars production company Lucasfilm for $4bn

Disney has announced its purchase of Lucasfilm, the maker of Star Wars, in a $4.05bn (£2.5bn) deal that will pave the way for a new series of Star Wars feature films.

How Sandy stacked up: the storm in statistics

The worst of Sandy has passed for most of us in the northeasternUnited States. The storm lived up to expectations and lashed out a blow that will not soon be forgotten. But just how bad was Sandy, meteorologically speaking?

U.S. seeks patriotic computer geeks for help in cyber crisis

(Reuters) – The Department of Homeland Security is considering setting up a “Cyber Reserve” of computer security experts who could be called upon in the event of a crippling cyber attack.

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