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This week my partner and I completed our GOTV packet, having called 1000 young Democratic women over the past two-plus weeks. The responses were better than I expected, and were even stronger in the past few days as voting by mail and early voting began. We left several hundred messages and had over 100 live conversations. Everyone we spoke with said they were planning to vote, and all but 8 said they would vote for President Obama and our state and local Democrats. Two women said they were voting for Mitt Romney, two were still undecided, and four declined to say.

I also staffed our county campaign office on Wednesday, where volunteers made over 300 calls and we also had a steady flow of local Democrats seeking yard signs, buttons, and bumper stickers for President Obama and our other candidates. I also fielded calls from voters who needed help with name changes and other registration information, and voters who wanted our recommendations on down-ballot issues such as judicial retention elections (we recommend YES on all) the proposed amendments to the Florida Constitution (we recommend NO on all).

We and our county’s other precinct leaders now begin our ‘chase’ calls, contacting voters-by-mail who were sent but have not yet returned their ballots. The ‘chase’ calls continue right up until November 6th, as in Florida the ballots can be hand-delivered to a county Supervisor of Elections office and will be accepted until 7pm on Election Day. I will be also staffing our campaign office on Election Day, to coordinate our phone banks as well as schedule rides to polling places.