Are you feeling the same need to escape reality that I am? Is it politics? Is it Super Storm Sandy? Is it bills or a job search? Is it that you are having trouble sorting out what is real and what is not?

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I have misplaced my car keys and later found them. I have misplaced my reading glasses only to discover them sitting on top of my head. I have lost more gloves in my lifetime than I can remember. I also lose umbrellas. I have taken someone else’s grocery cart and finished my shopping with their stuff at the bottom only to discover my error at the check out counter. Oops.

Lately, with all the Republican shape shifting I am increasingly feeling like I have lost Realworldia. Facts no longer have any currency in the press or the punditry. Consistency, something I value in my leaders, seems to have slipped off into some unknown galaxy, far, far away as Republicans everywhere ‘clarify’ stuff they are on tape saying previously.

Lately I have been thinking not that I want to escape reality but that I want it back. Where did Realworldia go?

Will reading good fiction or a bit of history restore my equilibrium? It hasn’t worked so far. My mind is churning over the loss of real information. What is a progressive to do? Really. I am out there knocking on doors and the conversations encourage me that I am not alone in my worries about WTF is happening. I am on the phones talking with fellow Democrats to GOTV.

But, until the election is won by President Obama and Democrats up and down the ticket, I worry. As a professional human resources/organizational development person, I know that the hardest part of change is not “having a vision” but rather telling the truth about where an organization is. If we as a country cannot tell the truth about our current challenges, we cannot and will not solve them.

The GOP are the people who have cast aside reality. Alas, I don’t want to escape it, but I desperately want it back. Paging Realworldia, paging facts and science, paging “we the people” … please wake up and vote for Democrats! They are the party of the real world and the only party that really cares about “we the people.”