You’ve got youngsters, some of whom will be voting for the first time.  Does that scare you? (More)

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I’ve been making enough GOTV calls lately to have gotten a look at some very interesting parents. I’m not sure they live on Planet Reality, but if they do I feel sorry for their children.

When I ask for X (daughter has been the case most of this month as we are canvassing women) I identify myself immediately. I have been amazed at the number of parents who won’t let me talk to X.  Many aren’t even nice about it. Now X, usually somewhere between 18 and 24 is a registered Democrat. She has not changed that, although it’s easy enough to do. But Mom or Dad decide right off that she doesn’t need to hear anything I might have to say, or even a reminder to vote. Some of that I’m sure is just call-screening. But some of it is obstruction, not wanting daughter to have a phone conversation with someone from the party daughter registered with.

And you get so you can tell the difference. Pleasant Mom or Dad just say X is busy with school. Unpleasant Mom or Dad say, “She’s voting Republican.” Right. Maybe she is, but one dad today absolutely got to me: “You don’t need to talk to her. I’m her father, and I promise you she’s going to vote Republican.”

Given the way he said that, when I hung up my first thought was, “Yeah, right.” Then I felt sorry for X. My guess is that she’s been told how to vote by that authoritarian who promised me she would vote Republican.

Whether she will or won’t, I don’t know. I would suspect that she simply doesn’t argue with her father about anything.

But when she goes to vote, it’s private.

None of us can tell our children how to vote. It is their right, their duty, their obligation, and their ballot is secret no matter what their parents want them to do. Turning a vote into a parental power struggle seems unwise to me.

What’s more, if you have confidence in how your child will vote (or even if you don’t) why should you be the gatekeeper between them and information? Are you afraid they might disagree with you? Get over it if you are. They will vote as they choose and you should do them the courtesy of treating them as the adults they are now.