For this weekend’s reading, we have the New Yorker’s endorsement of President Obama, interviews with our President, the threat GOP obstructionism poses to our democracy, and a profile of the man behind their voter suppression efforts. (More)

The Choice – The New Yorker magazine’s comprehensive and compelling endorsement of re-electing President Obama.

Obama and the Road Ahead: The Rolling Stone Interview – a wide-ranging interview of President Obama about his thoughts on the campaign, what he would do with a second term, Multiple Choice Mitt’s constantly changing views, and how Ayn Rand’s writings are not emblematic of “what’s best in America.”

Dear Republican Friends – A great explanation of why anyone who cares about our democracy should use their vote to reject the GOP’s cynical obstructionism of the past 4 years.

President Obama Releases Transcript of Register Interview – the transcript of President Obama’s initially off the record interview with the editorial board of the Des Moines Register.

Who Created the Voter-Fraud Myth? Рa profile of Hans von Spakovsky, who  has been a front line leader of conservative efforts to suppress voter turnout in Democratic areas.