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According to comic Robert Wuhl, English longbowmen invented the middle-finger insult in gesturing “pluck yew” to the French at Agincourt today (1415). Also, London’s St. Katharine Docks opened (1828), the Light Brigade charged at Balaclava (1854), the Toronto Stock Exchange was created (1861), Russian Bolsheviks began the October Revolution (1917), London’s Daily Mail published the probably-forged Zinoviev Letter (1924), Archbishop Francis J. L. Beckman of Dubuque denounced swing music as “the primrose path to hell” (1938), Benjamin O. Davis, Sr. became the U.S. Army’s first black general (1940), Adlai Stevenson displayed reconnaissance photographs of Soviet missiles in Cuba at the United Nations (1962), the People’s Republic of China replaced the Republic of China at the United Nations (1971), Digital Equipment Corporation released OpenVMS V1.0 (1977), the U.S. invaded Grenada (1983), and Cuban leader Fidel Castro banned transactions in U.S. currency (2004). And Java’s Mount Merapi began a month-long series of eruptions (2010).

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