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This week I staffed our local Democratic Party campaign office on Wednesday. It was a busy afternoon, with volunteers phone banking, local Democrats coming in for yard signs and bumper stickers, and several by-mail voters calling to ask for our party recommendations on state and local ballot issues. Everyone I spoke with was also bubbling with excitement about President Obama’s performance in Tuesday night’s debate.

One woman who came in was our county’s deputy field director for the Obama campaign. She needed a new yard sign, as someone tore hers down overnight. “I wonder if they know what they’re doing,” she said. “Every time they tear down one of my signs, I’ll just buy more, and each one is another donation to the Obama campaign and our local Democrats.” (I’ve seen similar messages on Twitter, and my son said he’s seen similar messages on Facebook.)

She also explained that the Romney campaign are giving out yard signs, while the Obama campaign chose to request donations. The requested donation is small enough that anyone can afford a sign or bumper sticker, and the campaign’s research found that voters who made even a small donation were both more likely to vote and more likely to volunteer. I can confirm that. A large majority of those who come to our campaign office for yard signs or bumper stickers also agree to help with our GOTV campaign.

In fact, we’re almost overrun with volunteers offering to drive voters to the polls … especially as I’ve yet to receive any requests for rides. We may get requests as the election draws closer, and I’ll staff our campaign office on election day to coordinate our drivers if anyone calls for a ride that day.

I also continued with our GOTV calling. Herself and I are halfway through our list of 1000 Democratic women ages 18-45, and the results are encouraging. While we leave far more messages than we have conversations, all but a handful of those conversations have been positive, with women enthusiastically voting for President Obama and our state and local Democratic candidates. The polls in Florida are close enough that our GOTV work will tip the scale … one way or the other.