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Libya Has Become The Flash Point Of Foreign Policy Debate

In the end, it’s an argument about competence.

The Obama administration’s response to the Sept. 11 killings at the U.S. Consulate in Benghazi, Libya, has become a staple of the campaign. It’s bound to come up again during Monday’s debate about foreign policy.

Syria crisis: Damascus bomb kills at least 10

A powerful explosion has hit Damascus, killing 10 people on a day when the UN peace envoy was visiting the Syrian capital for talks with President Bashar al-Assad on the crisis.

George McGovern, former US presidential candidate, dies at 90

George McGovern, who argued fervently against the Vietnam war as a senator and suffered one of the most crushing defeats in presidential election history against Richard Nixon in 1972, has died aged 90.

Florida inmate granted stay of execution over mental health status

A federal judge has granted a stay of execution for a convicted mass killer in Florida who was due to be put to death on Tuesday despite being mentally ill.

Hong Kong seizes more than 1,000 smuggled ivory tusks

Hong Kong has seized its largest ever haul of illicit ivory tusks and ornaments, which had been smuggled from Africa, authorities say.

Apple and Microsoft go head-to-head with tablet launches

It’s the tale of two touchscreens this week as Microsoft and Apple go head-to-head launching their latest tablet devices. Microsoft has pulled out all the stops to convince the world that Surface is the small tablet to beat, with a no-expenses-spared New York event on Thursday. Apple, a notoriously secretive company, prefers a bafflingly minimal PR strategy that would utterly fail for any other organisation you could think of. Dedicated rumour sites hum with speculation for months beforehand, encouraging Apple evangelists to soap themselves into a frenzy of excitement.

Obama and Romney in virtual tie as marathon election enters final sprint

A new poll of voter intention has president Barack Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney neck-and-neck with just over two weeks to go until election day.

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