I haven’t mentioned it because everyone’s rightly worried about the election, but it is Squirrel Appreciation Month. Don’t make me grumpy…. (More)

Okay, I know. You’re busy making GOTV calls. You’re canvassing. You’re entering data from GOTV calls and canvassing. You’re also working and doing family stuff. Plus you have to read all the news, and watch the baseball playoffs, and watch football, and decide what you and the kids will wear for Halloween, and buy all that candy. Oh, and it’s Blindness Awareness Month, Bullying Prevention Month, Fair Trade Month, LGBT History Month, and National Caramel Month, and lots more.

But while you’re going to all those meetings …

… take a few minutes to celebrate Squirrel Appreciation Month. Winter is coming, after all, and we squirrels are already getting ready. You can help us make this a great month, and a great winter, by saying nice things to us as you walk by on your way to your phone bank or canvassing session or job or whatever else you’re up to. For example, you can say “Here’s a nut for you, little friend.”

If enough of you do that, we squirrels may announce a Human Appreciation Month.

Good day and good nuts.