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Celebrities Help Obama Make His Closing Argument

Get ready for a lot more celebrity endorsers on the campaign trail. In the closing weeks of the election campaign, President Obama and his supporters are increasingly turning to Hollywood’s A-List — always a fairly reliable base of support for Democrats — to help close the deal.

Sprint and SoftBank Confident $20.1B Acquisition Will Be Approved

Sprint, the nation’s third-largest wireless carrier by subscribers is selling a 70 percent controlling stake of the company to Japanese wireless giant SoftBank, the companies announced early Monday morning.

Pew Study: 67 Percent Of Americans Recognize Evidence Of Global Warming

The percentage of Americans who say there is “solid evidence” of global warming is the highest its been in the past five years, at 67 percent overall, a new study from the Pew Research Center published Monday found.

5 Questions ‘Real’ People Might Ask At The Debate

As this election year began, political pundits insisted the No. 1 issue would be the economy. They expected the candidates to offer voters detailed plans for encouraging job growth.

Israeli Parliament dissolved ahead of early elections

Israel‘s parliament has voted to dissolve itself ahead of early national elections set for 22 January 2013.

Cuba to make foreign travel easier for citizens

Cuba will open its exit doors wider than at any time in 50 years as a result of migration reforms announced on Tuesday that will make it easier for citizens to travel overseas.

Hillary Clinton takes responsibility for Libya embassy attack

Hillary Clinton has taken responsibility for the deadly security breach at the US diplomatic mission in Benghazi, saying the buck stopped with her and not the White House.

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