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Medicare Vouchers Would Raise Costs For Most Seniors, Study Finds

Converting Medicare into a voucher program modeled on the plan Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan have proposed would increase premiums for the majority of seniors, even ones who choose to remain in traditional Medicare, according to a comprehensive nonpartisan study (PDF) released Monday.

Romney’s Unraveling Claim That Six Studies Validate His Tax Plan

In response to the persistent and substantial questions about the math of his tax plan not adding up, Mitt Romney and his campaign frequently argue that six independent studies back him up by ratifying the arithmetic of the centerpiece of his domestic agenda.

Meningitis outbreak: number of cases surpasses 200 across 14 states

The number of cases of a deadly fungal meningitis thought caused by contaminated steroid shots prepared by a pharmacy compounder in Massachusetts has risen above the 200 mark, health officials confirmed Sunday.

Pakistani schoolgirl attacked by Taliban sent to UK for treatment

A Pakistani schoolgirl shot by the Taliban because she campaigned for the right of young females to an education is on her way to the UK for specialist treatment.

HPV vaccine not linked to sexual promiscuity in girls, study finds

Shots that protect against cervical cancer do not make girls promiscuous, according to the first study to compare medical records for vaccinated and unvaccinated girls.

Google ‘to be told by EU to unravel privacy policy’

Google will be told on Tuesday to unravel the controversial changes introduced in March to its European privacy policy, legal sources have told the Guardian.

U.S. economists win Nobel for applying match-making

(Reuters) – Life-saving kidney exchange programs and ways for schools to select students are just two practical applications of the market-matching theories for which U.S. economists Alvin Roth and Lloyd Shapley won the Nobel prize for economics on Monday.

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