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A Shifting Playing Field: Coming Out As A Gay Athlete

These days, we’re more likely to see professional athletes on products than protest lines. But it wasn’t always this way. In the 1960s, sports stars were often as famous for what they believed as for their home runs.

Space Shuttle Endeavour’s Final Journey Adds A Day

The crowds that cheered the shuttle on Saturday changed their tune after a night of hassles that left the Endeavour still blocking L.A. traffic and threatening trees early Sunday morning.

Turkey calls for UN security council reform over failure to pressure Syria

The Turkish prime minister has criticised the UN security council for failing to reach an agreement on how to respond to the bloody conflict in Syria.

Nuclear submarine collides with cruiser off US coast

A nuclear submarine has collided with a cruiser during routine operations off the east coast of the US.

Obama prepares for second debate as Romney and Ryan campaign in Ohio

President Barack Obama hunkered down for intensive debate preparation in Virginia on Saturday, as his Republican rival, Mitt Romney, continued his push to win votes in battleground states.

In humble home, Guatemala farmer finds ancient Maya murals under plaster

(Reuters) – In a ramshackle home in Guatemala’s rural highlands, farmer and odd job man Lucas Asicona made for an unlikely guardian of ancient Mayan treasures – until he decided to redo his kitchen.

Hezbollah foes say support for Assad puts Lebanon at risk

(Reuters) – Hezbollah’s increasingly visible support for President Bashar al-Assad and its latest military challenge to Israel has put the militant group on a collision course with domestic opponents who accuse it of dragging Lebanon towards regional conflict.

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