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N.M. Attorney General Investigating GOP ‘Voter Suppression’

New Mexico Attorney General Gary King has launched an investigation into a video that allegedly shows Republican officials giving volunteer poll watchers false information about state election law, his office announced Tuesday.

Martian Mystery Solved? NASA Says Shiny Object Likely Rover Plastic

A Martian mystery may be over scarcely after it began: NASA on late Tuesday said that a formerly unidentified shiny, tiny object spotted on the Red Planet’s surface by the Mars Curiosity Rover is likely just a piece of plastic that fell off the rover and probably doesn’t pose any threat to the rover’s operations.

Justices Return To Affirmative Action In Higher Ed

The U.S. Supreme Court returns on Wednesday to the emotional issue of affirmative action in higher education. The court will once again hear oral arguments on the issue, this time in a case from the University of Texas.

Successful Surgery For Pakistani Girl Whose Shooting Has Caused Outrage

After several hours of surgery, the girl whose shooting by the Taliban has caused deep anger in Pakistan and has exposed that nation’s “deepest fault line,” is said to be in stable condition.

US sends troops to Jordan to help deal with Syria crisis

The United States has sent military troops to the JordanSyria border to help bolster Jordan’s military capabilities in the event that the violence in Syria spreads, according to defence secretary Leon Panetta.

Meningitis death toll reaches 11 as disease claims three more lives

Eleven people have now died from a fatal outbreak of meningitis, with 119 now sick with the illness, according to health officials. Experts said they could be seeing new cases as late as December, two months later than previously thought. It is long waiting game for some of the 13,000 people who may have received medication from the suspected source of the illness to get the all-clear.

Cell receptor research wins Americans chemistry Nobel

(Reuters) – Two American scientists won the 2012 Nobel Prize for chemistry on Wednesday for research into how cells respond to external stimuli that is helping to develop better drugs to fight diseases such as diabetes, cancer and depression.

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