If you have phone banked this year, you know that one never knows what the person you are calling may say. Here’s last night’s highlights. (More)

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I made 140 persuasion calls last night, 10 pages with 14 names per page. Finding one strong Democrat per page was my average. My intro was, “Hi I’m addisnana and I’m a volunteer with the grassroots Obama campaign. We are calling to see if you’ve decided who you are supporting for President in this election.” The responses were all over the place. My comments are in italics.

“I am so in Obama’s camp. I just hope he does better in the next debate.”

“I can’t give any money right now.” I’m not calling for money just to know who you will be voting for. “Oh, I’m Obama all the way, all the way. Money is just kind of tight right now.”

“You know Obama is not a real American, don’t you? He wasn’t even born here.” So are you a Romney voter? “No way I could vote for a F***ing Mormon. I am a real American.” Thanks for your time and you have a nice night.

“I am all in for Obama but I’m not convincing my mother. She’s 92. She voted for Bush and once gave him $15 because she thought he’d be fun to have a beer with. My mom is a party girl. She gets 102 pieces of Republican junk mail every Monday, all because of one $15 donation. This stuff is scary. I’ve turned it over to MPR’s truth squad and I’m calling the State’s Attorney General. This is scaring seniors. The nursing home asked me if I could stop this mail. Well I can’t. Some of these groups don’t have any addresses.”

“I don’t know who I am voting for. Cash for clunkers almost killed my auto repair business. No one, neither one of them, cares about what happens to people like me. They care about the big banks and big GM. Plus, all politicians lie.” (Once we got to social security this 63 year old finally saw something that was in it for him. Seven minutes well spent.)

My favorite is, “I’m a recently retired federal worker and of course I’m for Obama.” So would you like to join us as a volunteer? “I am so happy to finally be able to say ‘Yes, I’d love to volunteer. Where and when?'” (Federal workers have limits on their political participation.)

All of this to say, really any progressive can do this and it is the best antidote to despair and fear of a Romney Presidency that I can imagine. If you don’t have a phone bank near you and you have a cell phone and a computer, you can go to ofa.com and make phone calls from home. Get BUSY!