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Romney Goes On Offense, Pays For It In First Wave Of Fact Checks

In their first of three debates, President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney “traded barbs” and stretched some facts,say the nonpartisan watchdogs at

How ‘Star Wars’ Seduced Another Generation Of Kids

Aruna Jayaraman knows where to find lemonade. Her son’s friend Alexander sells it out in front of his house every weekend, hoping to earn enough money to buy a $400 LEGO Death Star.

First Female Marines Take Combat Leadership Test

Women in the U.S. military have been flying warplanes for years, and recently began serving in artillery and tank units. But they’re still barred from direct ground combat.

Todd Akin stands by comment that abortion doctors are ‘terrorists’

Todd Akin, the Republican US Senate nominee from Missouri, stood by his latest comment over abortion on Wednesday, as physicians’ groups condemned them as “part of an old-fashioned narrative” that presumed women are gullible and abortion doctors unethical.

Turkey’s parliament authorises military operations against Syria

Turkey‘s parliament has authorised military operations against Syria and its military has fired into the county for a second day after shelling killed five civilians in a Turkish border town.

Los Angeles city council rescinds ban on pot shops but legal future is unclear

Los Angeles has repealed its ban on pot shops, granting a reprieve to the city’s estimated 1,000 dispensaries but leaving their legal status in limbo.

China landslide buries primary school

An adult was also trapped when two houses in the village were toppled, according to the statement published on the county website.

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