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What To Look For In The Debate – And How To Unspin It

On Wednesday night all the news hole-driven stories about debate expectations will give way to real evaluations of the candidates’ performances and the accuracy of their statements.

Senate Panel Finds Anti-Terror, Data Sharing Centers Were Useless

An effort to share counter-terrorism intelligence across federal and local law enforcement has turned out to be a useless and expensive exercise that also put Americans’ civil liberties at risk,a newly-released Senate subcommittee report (pdf) finds.

OMG! A Deb8! What Young People Really Want To Ask Obama And Romney

Generation Y is asking why.

Why is it so hard to find a job? Why is health care so expensive? Smart questions from a smart generation. Their inquiries — and the presidential candidate they think can provide the best answers — could be a decisive factor in the 2012 election. If not the Tipping Point, as least a Tilting Point.

Iran currency crisis sparks Tehran street clashes

Hundreds of demonstrators in the Iranian capital, Tehran, have clashed with riot police, who used batons and teargas to disperse the crowd, which had gathered in protest against the crisis raging over the country’s national currency.

Voter ID debate shifts to South Carolina as campaigners challenge restrictions

The battle over voting rights in the November presidential election now swings to South Carolina, following the decision by the Pennsylvania courts on Tuesday to delay implementation of a voter ID requirement in that state.

Online schools face backlash as states question results

(Reuters) – Virtual public schools, which allow students to take all their classes online, have exploded in popularity across the United States, offering what supporters view as innovative and affordable alternatives to the conventional classroom.

L.A.’s richest man ups the ante for city, cancer fight

(Reuters) – As owner of 5 percent of the Los Angeles Lakers, Patrick Soon-Shiong could walk into the locker room of the storied basketball franchise any time for a chat with stars like Kobe Bryant. But the richest man in Los Angeles chooses to sit with the rest of his team’s fans.

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