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Hong Kong ferry collision: six crew arrested after 37 killed

Six crew members from two Hong Kong ferries have been arrested after 37 people died in one of the worst maritime disasters in the territory’s history.

Nato withdrawal from Afghanistan could be speeded up, says Rasmussen

The retreat of western forces from Afghanistan could come sooner than expected, the head of Nato has said as he conceded that the recent Taliban strategy of “green on blue” killings had been successful in sapping morale

JP Morgan sued by government over Bear Stearns mortgage securities sales

The federal mortgage task force that was formed in January by the justice department filed its first complaint against a big bank Monday, citing a broad pattern of misconduct in the packaging and sale of mortgage securities during the housing boom.

Special Report: The casualties of Chesapeake’s “land grab” across America

(Reuters) – Ranjana Bhandari and her husband knew the natural gas beneath their ranch-style home in Arlington, Texas, could be worth a lot – especially when they got offer after offer from Chesapeake Energy Corp.

Judge halts Pennsylvania’s controversial voter ID law

(Reuters) – A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday halted for the November 6 U.S. general election a controversial requirement that voters in the state provide photo identification at the polls, a decision expected to influence Election Day turnout in the battleground state.

Pennsylvania Judge Rules Poll Workers Can Still Ask For ID

A Pennsylvania judge on Tuesday issued a ruling on the state’s voting law that will allow poll workers to ask for photo identification but will still allow voters to cast provisional ballots without subsequently having to show an ID.

Scientists Creates Music From Algae Data

Earth has a song, and now so do some of its smallest inhabitants.

Peter Larsen, a biologist at Argonne National Laboratory in Lemont, Illinois (outside of Chicago) has created distinct musical tracks representing different attributes of wild blue-green algae cultures floating in the western English Channel.

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