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Integrating Ole Miss: A Transformative, Deadly Riot

Fifty years ago — Oct. 1, 1962 — the first black student was admitted to the University of Mississippi, a bastion of the Old South.

Nail Biting: Mental Disorder Or Just A Bad Habit?

Do you bite your nails? For 30 years, I did. We nail biters can be “pathological groomers” — people for whom normal grooming behaviors, like skin picking or hair pulling, have become virtually uncontrollable.

‘Old-School’ Food Shopping Feels New As U.S. Cities Revive Public Markets

One hundred years ago, before Walmart and Whole Foods and Albertson’s and Kroger, grocery shopping was a very different experience.

California banishes controversial ‘gay cure’ therapies to ‘dustbin of quackery’

California has become the first state in the US to ban controversial “gay cure” therapies from being administered to children and teenagers.

US supreme court to confront civil rights challenges on return to work

The US supreme court resumes work on Monday, confronting a caseload that could prove every bit as contentious as the legal battle over healthcare reform.

US manufacturing output improves after summer slowdown

US manufacturing activity expanded in September after shrinking for three consecutive months, according to a nationwide poll from the Institute for Supply Management.

US helicopter fleet arrives in Okinawa despite safety fears

A small fleet of US military aircraft have arrived in the southern Japanese island of Okinawa, amid protests by local residents who claim they are unsafe.

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