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On Monday I spoke at one of our county’s Democratic clubs. In Florida and in many other states, county Democratic Executive Committees (DECs) sponsor or affiliate with Democratic clubs in set up neighborhoods or countywide by demographic or issue groups (women, business owners and professionals, etc.). Most Democratic club officers and many members are also precinct leaders and members of their county DECs. Clubs often join in DEC activities and campaigns – e.g.: each of our county’s clubs staffs our DEC campaign office one day per week – and also sponsor activities for their members and other county Democrats. I was invited to speak at their monthly meeting about our coordinated campaign plan, and to explain the messaging strategy developed by the Florida Values Project through Project New Florida and the Florida Democratic Party. The club members were very positive and energetic, and I look forward to working with them over the coming weeks.

On Wednesday I worked at our DEC campaign office, and was delighted to have a steady stream of volunteers phone-banking throughout my shift. They contacted over 200 voters, encouraging each to vote by mail. One volunteer was an immigrant from Latvia who met and married a serviceman in Belgium. Although not yet eligible for citizenship, she is studying U.S. government and her professor asked the everyone in her class to volunteer with a local party or candidate’s campaign and write about their experiences of grassroots activism. I was thrilled to hear about that program, and delighted by her and our other volunteers’ enthusiasm throughout the afternoon.