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Obama Lead Ticks Up In Florida and Colorado

The bounce President Obama received from the Democratic National Convention has extended to swing states, pushing small leads in Florida and Colorado higher, according to new numbers from Democratic-leaning Public Policy Polling (PPP).

Conservatives Advise Romney: Make The Election About The Future

After a few rough weeks for Mitt Romney and with polls beginning to swing in President Obama’s favor, conservatives on the Sunday talk shows offered their ideas on how the candidate can turn his campaign around. The consensus: Romney needs to make the election more about his own agenda and less about President Obama.

‘Amazing Scene’ As Riot Shuts Foxconn Plant In China

At one point overnight as many as 2,000 workers at a Foxconn plant in Taiyuan, China, were involved in a riot that drew 5,000 police officers to the site and has closed the facility that makes parts for Apple’s iPhones and hardware for other companies including Microsoft and Hewlett-Packard.

Syria: the foreign fighters joining the war against Bashar al-Assad

Soldiers! Soldiers!” The man hissed his warning as he hurried past, two bullets from a government sniper kicking up dust from the dirt road behind him.

Sars-like virus detected

Health experts are trying to identify a new Sars-like virus that is so far known to have infected two people, one of whom is receiving intensive care in a London hospital.

Pakistan disowns minister’s bounty on anti-Islam film-maker

The Pakistani government has distanced itself from an offer by one of its cabinet ministers to pay $100,000 (£60,000) for anyone who kills the maker of a film that mocks Islam, saying the offer does not represent official government policy.

Mohamed Morsi goes to UN general assembly with independence in mind

The UN general assembly, which opens in New York this week, is notable for the cast of leaders it draws to the city. This year, it is Mohamed Morsi, who will be the most closely watched, as he embarks on his first visit to the US as president, at a delicate time in relations between America and the Islamic world.

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