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The Concordat of Worms ended the Investiture Controversy today (1122). Also, Harvard College held her first commencement exercise (1642), Lewis and Clark returned to St. Louis after exploring the Pacific Northwest (1806), the Knickerbockers Baseball Club was founded (1845), Urbain Jean Joseph Le Verrier, John Couch Adams, and Johann Gottfried Galle discovered the planet Neptune (1846), Fusajiro Yamauchi founded the Nintendo Company to produce the card game Hanafuda (1889), Norway and Sweden signed the Karlstad Treaty that peacefully dissolved their union (1905), Gaston Leroux’s The Phantom of the Opera was published (1909), the Kingdom of Hejaz and Nejd became the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (1932), Richard Nixon gave his “Checkers” speech (1952), New York City’s Lincoln Center for the Performing Arts opened (1962), and JosΓ© Canseco became the first player to hit 40 home runs and steal 40 bases in a single season (1988). And the first public version of Mozilla Firefox was released (2002).

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