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Obama: ‘If You Want To Be President, You Have To Work For Everyone’

President Obama accused Mitt Romney of “writing off” large portions of America in an appearance on “Late Show with David Letterman” taped Tuesday.

The End Of WASP-Dominated Politics

Just looking at Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan, you might not think of them as cultural pioneers. But the Republicans make up the first presidential ticket in history not to feature a Protestant.

France On Alert, Closing Embassies, After Magazine Publishes Muhammad Cartoons

A French magazine’s publication today of “crude caricatures”depicting the Prophet Muhammad has that nation on alert and preparing to close 20 of its embassies in Muslim nations.

Update: Existing Home Sales And Housing Starts Both Rose In August

In the morning’s second sign of strength in the housing sector, the National Association of Realtors reports that sales of existing homes rose 7.8 percent in August from July and were 9.3 percent above the pace of August 2011.

ACLU takes CIA to court as agency denies existence of drone programme

The American Civil Liberties Union will go to court on Thursday in an attempt to get the CIA to hand over documents related to President Barack Obama‘s controversial “targeted killing” programme that uses unmanned drones to strike suspected Islamic militants.

Chicago students return to school after teachers’ strike suspended

Chicago students return to school on Wednesday after a teachers’ strike ended, thrilling parents who had to stay home from work to care for their kids, pay for alternative childcare or leave them with friends and relatives for more than a week.

Veteran benefits bill heads to vote as Democrats plead for end to GOP blocks

Veterans groups and Democrats are urging Republican senators to put political bickering aside and stop blocking a bill which would help offset high unemployment rates among veterans.

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