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This week I attended my local Democratic Executive Committee meeting. For those new to local politics, DECs are the primary county organizations in most states’ Democratic Party structures. DECs members are elected and appointed precinct leaders, and our mission is to encourage registered Democrats to vote. The Florida Democratic Party and our DEC remain focused on vote by mail, which has shown an 84% turnout rate statewide in recent elections. As Vice Chair of our DEC, I explained how to prepare a personal activism plan for this election, and asked each member to prepare one. I also set up our countywide vote by mail virtual phone bank, and staffed our campaign office on Wednesday afternoon.

I’m seeing a lot of enthusiasm for President Obama and Democrats in our county. We have steady traffic at our campaign office, both volunteers making phone calls and visitors coming in for yard signs, bumper stickers, buttons, and window placards. Most also want to talk about the election, and most have volunteered to help us with phone banking and canvassing. While it’s true that “yard signs don’t vote,” displaying them does broadcast a personal decision and can help build a bandwagon effect that helps to sway undecided voters.