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Mitt Romney: I’ll Keep The Good Parts Of ‘Obamacare’

Mitt Romney said Sunday that he likes parts of ‘Obamacare’ and will keep key provisions involving pre-existing conditions and young people.

Romney, Ryan Refuse To Identify Tax Loopholes They’d Close

In separate interviews Sunday, Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan refused to identify which tax loopholes they would close in order to pay for their large tax cuts.

VFW Posts Become Refuge For Women, Too

For decades, Veterans of Foreign Wars posts have played vital roles in small towns throughout America. But in recent years, as World War II veterans have passed away, membership in VFWs has fallen drastically, and many posts have closed. Now, though, some are facing a possible renaissance, thanks to female soldiers returning from overseas.

At 42, Detroit Lions Kicker Earns Admiration

As the NFL’s regular season gets under way this weekend, one player is adding another year to an already record-setting career. At 42, Detroit Lions place kicker Jason Hanson is the oldest active player in the NFL.

Obama and Romney campaigns begin blitz on battleground states

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney took their respective blueprints for America to key electoral battlegrounds Saturday with polls suggesting that the White House race remains neck-and-neck.

US north-east cleans up from storms that spawned New York tornadoes

Damaging storms that spawned tornadoes in New York City, darkened tens of thousands of homes in Washington, DC, and flooded New England streets turned a normal day of rest into a day of cleaning up for many east coast residents on Sunday.

Will acceptance of gays by high court influence rulings?

(Reuters) – A tall, hulking man in his late 70s, William Rehnquist, then chief justice of the United States, crawled down on all fours to say hello to the two little girls who had scurried under the table when he approached at a luncheon.

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