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Gallup: Obama Approval Jumps After DNC

President Obama gets a 52 percent approval rating against 43 percent disapproval in Gallup’s daily tracking poll, which surveys 500 Americans a night and averages three days of data. The current tracking poll samples the nights of the Democratic National Convention and represents a major jump for Obama, who has basically been running even on approval in tracking and other major national polls, if not a little underwater.

Ohio Secretary Of State Backs Down On Early Voting

After being summoned to court by a federal judge, Ohio Secretary of State Jon Husted on Friday backed away from his order that would have banned counties from planning for early voting.

NASA Preps Last Retired Space Shuttle For Ferry To L.A. 

The Space Shuttle era will come to its end quite literally later this month when NASA flies the last of its spaceworthy orbiters, Endeavour, from Cape Canaveral, Florida to its final destination: Los Angeles.

Eastwood: ‘When I Saw The Stool Sitting There, It Gave Me The Idea’

Clint Eastwood is explaining to a local paper in California the reasoning behind his sometimes-rambling conversation with an empty chair, meant to symbolize President Obama, at last week’s Republican National Convention

Chicago braces for 30,000- teacher walkout as contract talks dissolve

A bitter dispute between Chicago public school teachers and mayorRahm Emanuel may escalate into a strike on Monday in a showdown over education reform that has national implications.

Mexican police arrest border agent’s alleged killer in Fast and Furious

Mexican police have arrested a suspect in the killing of US border patrol agent Brian Terry, whose murder highlighted a botched federal gun-smuggling string known as Operation Fast and Furious.

Syria crisis: Daraya massacre leaves a ghost town still counting its dead

The young mechanic had lost the sight in his right eye during the battle of Daraya. Still, he searched for his missing father for three days, combing destroyed buildings and piles of rubble. He finally found the old man dead on the outskirts of town, at a farm with three other bodies, boys aged 16-20. “Why kill an old man?” he asks.

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