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New Orleans defences hold up to Hurricane Isaac

Heavy rain continued to drench Louisiana and Mississippi as tropical storm Isaac trudged slowly northwards, but fortified levees and an elaborate flood containment plan appeared to have spared New Orleansfrom disaster.

Obama wants to see Citizens United supreme court ruling overturned

Barack Obama has said he wants to launch a nationwide campaign to try to over turn Citizens United, the controversial 2010 supreme court ruling that allowed massive sums of corporate cash to flood the electoral process.

Isaac heads north after soaking U.S. Gulf, New Orleans

(Reuters) – Search-and-rescue operations around New Orleans resumed on Thursday after Hurricane Isaac brought heavy flooding, but relieved residents and authorities said the storm’s destruction was nothing like that seen from Hurricane Katrina in 2005.

Top 5 Fibs In Paul Ryan’s Convention Speech

Vice Presidential nominee Paul Ryan’s headlining speech at the GOP convention in Tampa Wednesday night touched on many of the election’s defining issues. But it was also filled with prevarications — not just recitations of the conventions “you didn’t build that” theme, but on the very policy matters that have endeared him to the political establishment in Washington.

The Republican Convention’s Four Biggest Myths (So Far)

TAMPA, Fla. — It’s a rite of every national convention: convincing the party die-hards in attendance and the supporters at home that the party has a chance to win, and that truth is on their side.

Ron Paul Delegates Walk Out After Video Tribute, Rand Paul Speech

After Ron Paul supporters revolted over the RNC’s rules on Tuesday, Republicans offered an olive branch on Wednesday with a video tribute to Paul and a speech by his son, Sen. Rand Paul.

Doing It To Win: Veterans Raise Bar At Paralympics

On a placid summer morning last month, before the Virginia heat could hit them, a former U.S. Marine and his partner lifted their rowing scull into the glassy water of the Rivanna River, near Charlottesville.

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