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As Isaac Strengthens, Louisiana’s Levees, Flood Gates Gird For Post-Katrina Test

The National Hurricane Center says that it expects Tropical Storm Isaac to continue strengthening up until it makes landfall.

Francois Hollande calls on Syrian rebels to form provisional government

The French president, François Hollande, has urged Syria‘s divided opposition to form a provisional government, saying Paris would give it official recognition.

Columbia-Farc peace talks being arranged, says president

Colombia‘s president has said peace negotiations with the Farc rebels are being arranged after secret talks between the government and leaders of the guerrilla movement.

Curiosity MArs rover sends back high-resolution picture of Mount Sharp

Nasa is showing off a high-resolution colour picture sent back by theMars rover Curiosity, detailing the mountain where scientists plan to focus their search for the chemical ingredients of life.

Burmese government cuts a third of names from travel blacklist

Burma‘s government has trimmed 2,082 names from its notorious blacklist, opening travelling privileges to roughly a third of the people officially barred from entering or leaving the country, an official said on Tuesday.

Army Soldiers Allegedly Plotted To Kill President Obama

A state prosecutor said on Monday that four U.S. soldiers had secret roles in a militia that planned to kill President Obama and take over the Fort Stewart Army base in Georgia, according to a report by the Associated Press.

Platform Could Be Messaging Minefield For GOP

TAMPA, Fla. — Voters are interested in the Republican Party platform — a development that could actually be bad for Republicans.

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