Marriage equality efforts in Maine, Maryland, and Washington, the struggle of the middle class, and more in Weekend Reading. (More)

For this weekend’s reading list, we have articles on the right wing effort to build an army of poll watchers to try to steal the election this fall; efforts to approve of marriage equality in Maine, Maryland, and Washington; the economic struggle of the middle class; how big corporations are increasingly running state courts; and Paul Ryan’s other radical guru.

How the Right is Building its “Poll Watcher” Network for November – the story of how the right-wing organization True the Vote is working to build an army of “poll watchers” to help suppress voting this November. To help counteract this effort and make sure that every eligible voters gets to cast their vote this November, please volunteer for the Democratic National Committee’s voter protection effort.

The Future of Marriage Equality – a report on the fight for marriage equality in three states – Maine, Maryland, and Washington – where the issue will be on the ballot this November. Here are links to support the effort in Maine, Maryland, and Washington.

The Lost Decade of the Middle Class – a comprehensive review of the economic blow that the middle class in America has suffered over the past decade, with stagnant income and declining net worth. Most Americans accurately identify Congress, banks and financial institutions, big corporations, and the Bush Administration as the primary culprits in causing this economic decline.

Big Business Taking Over State Supreme Courts – a report on how a tidal wave of money is allowing corporate interests to get an increasingly tight stranglehold on court systems in the 39 states where judges are elected rather than appointed.

Prime Time for Paul Ryan’s Guru (the One Who’s Not Ayn Rand) – a look at the radical views of another person who Paul Ryan identifies as a guru on his economic and budget policies – Friedrich von Hayek.